Daddy Doge token’s price pumped by Elon Musk’s casual shout

Videos that feature Tesla’s owner Elon Musk shouting “Daddy Doge” before getting into a car ended up pumping the new meme token’s value 798.5%.  This month has witnessed plenty of dog meme... Read more »

Synthetix Surges 22% as Ethereum DeFi Tokens Rise

Share this article Synthetix is soaring.  Synthetix Leads DeFi Gains  Synthetix closed the weekend in bullish mode after rising 21.9% Sunday through Monday.  Source: CoinGecko The DeFi protocol’s SNX token is currently... Read more »

DeFi Tokens Continue to Plummet Amid Market Slump

Share this article DeFi continues its downward trend. Aave, Compound, and Maker are all trading in the red again today.  DeFi Tokens Face Sell Pressure  DeFi is suffering as uncertainty grips the... Read more »