Data shows social metrics surge ahead of DeFi and NFT price rallies

A common saying in the investing world is “The trend is your friend,” a phrase that points to the idea that the majority of the time, sticking with the prevailing market trend... Read more »

University of Cambridge Bitcoin Mining Map Shows China’s Hashrate Dropped to 46%

After the researchers from the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI) project said that the website’s “Bitcoin Mining Map” had not been updated since April 2020, the map has finally been updated.... Read more »

Backwardation in Bitcoin futures contracts shows pro investors lack confidence

Bitcoin (BTC) might have tested the $40,000 support in mid-July, but according to various derivatives metrics, there has not been a significant change in investor optimism.  This situation either means that price... Read more »

China crackdown shows industrial Bitcoin mining a problem for decentralization

Bitcoin’s reliance on large-scale mining infrastructure and geographic concentration has been thrown into sharp relief by China’s recent mining crackdown. In May, China announced that it would be getting tough on crypto... Read more »