Bitcoin could fall to $15,000, says Guggenheim chairman who predicted 50% dip in May

Scott Minerd, chairman and chief investment officer of asset management giant Guggenheim Investments, said the crypto market’s ongoing slump is still far from over as Bitcoin could slide as low as $15,000.... Read more »

Ukraine’s ‘Largest Illegal’ Mining Facility May Have Been a FIFA Bot Farm

A data center busted by Ukrainian law enforcement this month for suspected electricity theft may have had a purpose different from mining cryptocurrencies. Ukraine’s security service described the facility as the “largest... Read more »

Record low Bitcoin velocity suggests BTC may ‘move to the downside’

In the early hours of July 14, Bitcoin price took a surprise hit to $31,550 before slowly recovering back above $32,900 in the morning session.  The swift drop near the crucial $30,000... Read more »

Bitcoin spring? Wyckoff ‘groundhog’ indicates crypto winter may last another 6 weeks

The Wyckoff Accumulation technical chart pattern has become the latest trending topic when anticipating where the price of Bitcoin (BTC) may go next. Some analysts have said that BTC’s recent dip below... Read more »

Tanzania central bank may rescind crypto ban after presidential endorsement

The Bank of Tanzania is reportedly working to overturn its ban on crypto amid favorable cryptocurrency comments made by the country’s president. According to Reuters, Tanzania’s central bank has begun working on... Read more »

Why Friday’s $6B in Bitcoin and Ethereum expiries may not move the market

After an incredible start in 2021, Ether peaked at $4,380 on May 12 but has dropped 55% since then. Unlike the leading cryptocurrency, the Ethereum network faces competition from projects that do... Read more »

The Dogecoin Bubble May Have Finally Popped

Key Takeaways Dogecoin started the year at $0.004, and the price grew to $0.74, an astounding return of 18500%. The prevailing market conditions are incredibly risky for holders of meme projects like... Read more »

DOGE has plunged 70% since ‘Dogecoin CEO’ Elon Musk appeared on SNL in May

Dogecoin didn’t quite see the bump its believers expected after ‘dogecoin CEO’ Elon Musk spoke about the memecoin on national television back in May. It has since fallen 70%, and millionaire hopefuls... Read more »

3 reasons why Ethereum may underperform Bitcoin in the short-term

Ether (ETH) price outperformed Bitcoin (BTC) by 173% from March 28 to May 15. The incredible bull caused the token to reach a $4,380 all-time high. However, as cryptocurrency markets initiated a... Read more »

Bitcoin may lose $30K price level if stocks tank, analysts warn

The ghost of stock market crash is back again to haunt Bitcoin (BTC). It happened last in March 2020. Back then, the prospect of the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic led to lockdowns across... Read more »