Bitcoin could fall to $15,000, says Guggenheim chairman who predicted 50% dip in May

Scott Minerd, chairman and chief investment officer of asset management giant Guggenheim Investments, said the crypto market’s ongoing slump is still far from over as Bitcoin could slide as low as $15,000.... Read more »

Four North American Bitcoin miners that could benefit from the East-West shift

Even before China finally wielded the ban hammer on crypto mining, Bitcoin (BTC) miners in North America had been building up their capacity amid efforts to gain a larger share of the... Read more »

El Salvador Bitcoin Move Could Clog Network: JPMorgan

Key Takeaways JPMorgan has published a report indicating that Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador could place pressure on the network. However, Layer Two solutions are already in place to reduce network congestion.... Read more »

Pundits say Bitcoin’s brutal quarter could see Tesla report up to a $100M loss for Q2

Bitcoin’s second-quarter price battering has pundits speculating that Tesla may have to report a loss of up to $100 million for Q2. With the price of Bitcoin recently dropping to revisit levels... Read more »

El Salvador’s Bitcoin mine could earn over 20,000 BTC ($750 million) a year

El Salvador’s proposed Bitcoin mine could earn hundreds of millions of dollars each year given the current network state, a top miner pointed out in a tweet today. Bitcoin revenues for El... Read more »

Fed Vice Chair Quarles Says Digital Dollar Could Pose Significant Risks to US Banking System

The Federal Reserve’s vice chairman of supervision and the chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), Randal K. Quarles, doubts the benefits of the digital dollar but says it “could pose significant... Read more »